Solutions for Tree Trimming and Tree Removal by Colorado Experts

At Montrose Tree Services we are proud to offer our customers various different options for caring for their trees and lawns. We can service trees with regular tree trimming, as well as tree cutting, tree removal, and stump removal. We offer custom solutions to our clients because no two situations are exactly the same.

If you have a tree causing an issue, or you don’t know how best to proceed in caring for a tree, call us for a free consultation and get our expert advice on your specific tree. We pride ourselves on building long lasting customer relationships, and impart our expert knowledge onto you so that you can make the best decision going forward with your tree.

We have years of experience dealing with all levels of tree issues, so if you are struggling with a complex tree problem don’t hesitate to call us. We can remedy your tree issues and ensure satisfaction guaranteed.

Affordable Tree Trimming is Possible!

Trimming a tree can be expensive if you hire a professional, but at Montrose Tree Services we like to keep our services as cost effective as possible. We know that providing an affordable, professional and pleasant tree trimming service will keep our customers coming back. Fair and affordable pricing is part of our company ethic because we believe that a quality service at a reasonable price is just good business.

Happy customers make for long lasting relationships and a successful business. Don’t get caught out with inexperienced tree trimming workers or firms which charge extortionate amounts of money. Call us for safe and effective tree trimming and excellent customer service at a price that makes sense.

Basic Tree Trimming and Added Options

We offer basic tree trimming for customers who want to keep costs at the absolute minimum. Our basic tree trimming service includes trimming the tree, and the removal of all parts of the trimmings from your property. Some scenarios for larger trees may involve the use of cranes, or safety equipment so that our team can climb your trees. Complexities in tree cutting such as this can incur extra costs. We also offer additional options for customers who wish to have tree limbs chipped into mulch or chopped into logs.

In all situations, your personalized price will be based on the complexity of the job and size of the tree. We offer free consultations so you can make informed decisions, and upfront pricing so you know exactly what the fee will be before we begin work on your tree. There will never be any hidden costs, and everything involved in your tree trimming services will be agreed upon and explained beforehand.