Tree Removal Services from Locally Owned Business

Our team of tree removal experts at Montrose Tree Services have been cutting down and removing trees and stumps in western Colorado for many years. Our years of experience dealing with trees and their owners have made us experts in the field, and we have become a trusted name in local tree care services.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent and affordable service to our neighbors, and keeping the green spaces in our community looking healthy and tidy.

Call us today for tree care service that is:

  • Fairly priced
  • Expertly executed
  • Safe
  • Considerate
  • Efficient
  • Trusted

Increase the Beauty and Value of your Home with Professional Tree Removal

Dead trees on your lawn can look ugly and untidy. We offer an expert tree removal service which can quickly and effectively remove all trace of the tree from your property. We have the latest equipment and knowledge to deal with even the most complex tree and stump removal. You can rely on us to take the stress and worry out of tree stump removal, and leave your property looking its best.

Well maintained lawns are a key selling feature when you are listing your property for sale, and this can be achieved with simple tree and stump removal. Increase the value of your property by letting us remove your dead trees and stumps and bringing the beauty back to your lawn. Dead trees and stumps can also be a tripping hazard for young children who may stumble and fall over them on your lawn. Prevent unnecessary tears by calling us today and arranging to have your tree and stump expertly removed.

Locally Owned and Operates Company Offering Excellent Tree Removal Customer Service

At Montrose Tree Services our focus is on customer satisfaction. We work hard to ensure your tree removal service is a stress free experience for you. Our aim is to remove your tree and stump with minimal inconvenience to you as efficiently as possible.

We also like to ensure that our prices are reasonable and affordable for our customers. Our free consultation is an opportunity for customers to ask us any questions and seek advice about trees. We can handle any tree issues you may be having and come up with a personalized solution that you are happy to proceed with.

We have plenty of experience and are fully certified, insured and bonded for our customers’ peace of mind and protection. We don’t want you to worry about a thing; trust your tree removal to us and then sit back and enjoy the benefits. After your tree and stump have been removed you can enjoy the new beauty of your lawn, and the fact that every square foot will be a useable space.

You can also rest easy in the knowledge that we support environmentally friendly practices, and have pledged to enhance and grow the health and beauty of our surroundings. We encourage green tree removal care practice and believe in looking after our natural habitat to be enjoyed for generations to come.