Tree Pruning & Tree Cutting Services

Montrose Tree Services performs tree cutting, trimming and removal from your yard to keep your Grand Junction, Colorado property safe and looking its best. We take care of the most difficult and sometimes dangerous elements of maintaining your yard, so that you can have peace of mind. We service the Grand Junction, Colorado area, providing outstanding levels of customer service to all of our satisfied clients. When a tree is no longer thriving, we are there to remove both trees and stumps, leaving no trace behind.

Our team of tree removal experts at Montrose Tree Services have been cutting down and removing trees and stumps in Grand Junction, Colorado for many years. Our years of experience dealing with trees and their owners have made us experts in the field, and we have become a trusted name in local tree care services.

Removing a tree can be expensive if you hire a professional, but at Montrose Tree Services we like to keep our services as cost effective as possible. We know that providing an affordable, professional and pleasant tree removal service will keep our customers coming back. Fair and affordable pricing is part of our company ethic because we believe that a quality service at a reasonable price is just good business.

Tree Cutting & Tree Pruning Pride and Passion

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent and affordable service to our neighbors, and keeping the green spaces in our community looking healthy and tidy.

We have a passion for our work, and ensure that every job is completed thoroughly and with the utmost level of professionalism and attention to detail. Trees are a large part of your property, and when treated correctly can increase the value of your home or enhance curb appeal. We want you to be pleased with any tree cutting work we carry out on your property, and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service to every customer, no matter how big or small the job is. Whether we are removing a tree or carrying out an annual tree trim, you can rest assured that we will strive to achieve perfection.

Excellent Customer Service in Tree Pruning

At Montrose Tree Services, our goal is to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. This not only means providing exceptional customer service and expert tree removal, but it also means doing those things at a price our customers are happy with. We work hard to ensure that our prices are fair and affordable.

We offer free consultations to our customers, with full upfront pricing beforehand. This ensures our customers are fully aware of the cost of the work before they commit to a tree removal service, and will not be surprised by any hidden costs after the removal is complete. Our honest pricing policy means that the cost of your job is calculated solely on the complexity of the tree cutting or removal and the height of the tree.